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Why is getting the CPA license so good?

As Adam Greene has mentioned this far, becoming a Certified Public Accountant has its perks: CPAs are often seen as figures of prestige and respect amongst professionals, colleagues, customers, clients and people. Although it takes a lot to become a proficient CPA, it definitely pays off in the end; years of studying and making sacrifices — having to skip that night out with friends and peers; that movie date; etc. —; years of understanding lots of technical terms aside the ones related to standard accountancy will end up allowing future CPAs to achieve a much higher level of expertise in the matter.

Why is getting the CPA license so good?

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Greene has also insisted that being awarded the CPA license allows CPAs to survive in the current highly competitive marketplace. It is not a secret that most careers lack the capacity of fulfilling today’s market needs by themselves: it has become almost mandatory to go further and get a complementary degree in something valuable. In this sense, the CPA license provides CPAs with the stability they need, as they will not be affected by the ongoing market changes, moreover, accountants, and specifically CPAs, are always in demand. Since most professionals are currently short in experience, and lack the specific knowledge that is required for most jobs, passing the CPA license test is a good way for accountants to always be the perfect candidate for their job, thus, they will always be standing out from their competitors and a company’s potential future employees: CPAs not only are highly trained in their field, but also demonstrate that they are highly committed and determined professionals. Today’s companies value the fact that their employees are capable of demonstrating leadership skills at a managerial position, and here is where CPAs stand out. Within companies, being CPAs highly talented assets capable of carrying out their duties in the most proficient way, they can work on different areas as long as they involve a financial scenario, and, since nowadays economy is constantly evolving, almost every company will need the services of a CPA at some point.

And it gets even better! Since the United States will be adopting the International Standards, those with a CPA license will be able to seize the opportunity to have more job opportunities even around the world, which is obviously a greater step towards one’s own personal development.  

These benefits aside, readers might wonder how much do CPAs earn in comparison to their colleagues who do not have the license. Well, being a credited accountant allows CPAs to earn up to 15% more than their non-credited competitors. Moreover, CPAs get promoted more often due to their highly valuable set of skills. In this sense, CPAs are more likely to achieve their career goals in a shorter period of time than standard accountants.

It sounds wonderful, right? Well, in order to enjoy the perks of being a CPA, readers must first pass the CPA license test. Since readers might already be familiar with what the test is about, there are other valuable tips and recommendations and guidance:

Since the CPA test is rather challenging as readers might already now, it is vital to be well prepared before attempting to take it. It would be also advisable to study up to three months or more before the first part. If readers are already working, it would be wise to widen that lapse even longer. It is of high importance to know how to use time properly and avoid every possible and plausible distraction in order to increase the chances of passing the test greatly.

But, what if readers fail? Surely they will feel miserable first and even more surely they will feel like abandoning it all, or that they are not astute enough to both pass the test and be a CPA. Failing the test might even get readers to hate the profession. Nonetheless, even though these kind of emotions are real at some point — they actually felt them —, nothing compares to the joy of having passed the test. Some people end up failing the test as a consequence of the lack of proper time management: as almost every aspect in life, wanting to become a CPA is easier said than done. Being committed to studying with plenty of days of anticipation, getting serious about what readers are about the face in accordance to their career goals will suffice.


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Almost everyone with the will to succeed will end up passing the test successfully. There is no magical trick aside from studying, committing and eliminating all kinds of distraction — and stop procrastinating — from study times. Picturing oneself as a more qualified professional in this evolving and changing economy is the best motivation that exists. Everyone is smart enough to achieve it.


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