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Some of the best universities to study a master’s degree in Accounting

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If you want to be a good and recognized CPA, you have to study and get academic formation for a great part of your life, according to Adam Green. A CPA course is enough, but if you really want to play in the big leagues, a master’s degree is the next obvious step.

Earning a Master’s Degree in Accounting is a crucial step towards becoming a CPA and developing a lasting career as an accountant. In the United States, in 2016 only, there will be 1,442,200 accountants and auditors by 2022, an increase of 13% from 2012. This number is the highest rate of growth for any career and across all job categories in the United States. The decades are helping this trend get even bigger as people that were called baby boomer will be retiring and will lead to a significant increase in new hires by 2022.

This type of master degree has many names including the Master of Accountancy, Master of Science in Accountancy and an MBA with an accounting concentration. A Master’s in Accounting (MAcc) would suit best managers that will be hired for important positions as the employers require all staff in senior positions to hold advanced degrees. At the moment, more than  40 states require CPA applicants to complete 150 higher education credits which will make people aim for higher education after taking the CPA course.

Master degrees across America include programs such as financial accounting, accounting theory, tax and business strategy, auditing, consulting services and forensic accounting, as well as courses designed to prepare the student for the CPA exam. After taking any of these master degree courses students will be able to cover middle to high positions within companies and will be able to pass the challenging CPA exam which will give them more competitive advantages over other accountants out there in the market.

Here are some of the best Accounting master’s degrees and their respective university:

Capella University, MBA – Accounting

The Master of Business Administration in Accounting program at Capella University is designed to offer students management, leadership, and financial accounting skills that will help them advance in their career and in their current positions.  In order to apply for this master degree, students must be interested in developing their financial and accounting skills as well as foundational knowledge of business management. For students under 24, completion of 2 years of college or an active military status is required. This university offers students a focus on accounting theory, the role of accounting information in organizational decision-making, accounting for global organizations, partnership accounting, and mergers and acquisitions accounting.

Walden University, MS in Accounting – General

Students that enrol into this university will get to see courses on managerial accounting for organizational performance and legal and ethical issues in accounting, among other topics. This university is dedicated to teach current trends in accounting standards, effective communication for the accountant, financial management tools for decision making, managerial accounting for organizational performance, and legal and ethical issues in accounting. This master course includes courses for the self-designed program of study which include three to five accounting courses and up to two management and leadership courses.

Kaplan University, MS in Accounting- Tax

This course at  Kaplan University is aimed at understanding the global issues on taxation. Also, the MS in Accounting with a specialization in Tax program is intended to provide students with an understanding of global taxation principles that affect individuals and organizations. The previous requirement for this master degree is that students need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business management, or a related field that can give them the basics to start learning about taxation without going back to old concepts.  The curriculum provides students with knowledge in the fields of accounting codes and regulations, field-specific ethical issues, economic fundamentals, business reorganization strategies, and asset management methods.

Image courtesy of Steven S. at

Image courtesy of Steven S. at

By studying this master degree, students will have the opportunity to really analyse and understand taxation principles for U.S. residents working domestically or abroad as well as explore income taxes and corporate levies imposed by other countries. In addition, they’ll have the opportunity to explore issues specific to joint property, estate taxes, will and trust preparation, and monetary gifts.

To be a CPA certified accountant is one of the most important certificates an accountant can have. Master degrees are another step to become a good professional with a good amount of work or working for companies. These 3 master degrees in accounting will give the CPA accountant more tools to do their job in a more professional way. Even if you already have the CPA certificate, a master’s degree in accounting will give you the knowledge you need to play in the big leagues with the big players.

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