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Some of the best review courses for the CPA exam

Study techniques are widely known around the world. Maybe they focus on exams that are a bit more common than the CPA or a bit more official. But the study techniques apply the same. As for the course, finding a course for a common topic is easy, but what happens when you have to study for a test that is very specific? What can people do? Apply the same techniques? Look for help from other people?

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Well, there are many courses that can help you achieve your goal and score in the test. But, which ones are the best? Which one is the best for me? We give you some of the best CPA courses, with their description, advantages and some disadvantages so you can decide which course best suits your needs.

The Roger CPA course

This course is very well known around the CPA world and the internet. Many reviews on this are available and easy to find, they rank it as the best and the second or third best, but never such bad reviews that can affect the course or its reputation. If you lose focus easily and lose concentration when you see something as minimum as a flea, this course is for you. This amazing course mixes the best teaching style and useful mnemonics that any course could have and its videos are considered the most engaging video lectures in the market that have the unique ability of turning boring CPA exam textbook materials into a format that will interest you and make you have a little fun while you study for your future. Also, and it is a unique feature in this course, it is the most suitable for any type of learning style and it works for the largest number of CPA candidates.

The weaknesses for this course are that there aren’t any more live classes. Yes, the screen can replace the person, but having a face to face class is very different. Roger CPA stopped offering live classes since Feb 2013 and they sacrificed the entertainment part of the course. Also, Roger CPA purposely wants to skip the non-critical part of the exam content and some die-hard fans don’t like it that much. Some students can have a hard time catching up.

Gleim CPA Review Course

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This course is designed specifically for students and professionals who are looking for a lot of thousands of multiple choice questions to practice, the best and the highest number of simulations, a Personal CPA Counsellor, and need full access to the course until they pass. Additionally, in 2015, Dr. Gleim and his team introduced video classroom lectures for all four sections of the CPA exam. With this new feature and many more things the course has, you will be getting a $3,400 course for a third of that price

This course is best suited for self-study people that can get motivated and engaged without the supervision of a teacher or a tutor and that would love to do it themselves rather than having somebody pushing them around.

As for the disadvantages, this review from a happy customer, and very objective one, that purchased the course can sum it up “Gleim Instruct now includes 100+ hours of video however their dashboard is still limited by the fact that there is no side by side video and e-textbook. I hope that this feature will be added in the future to make it easier to us”. Other disadvantages include that some features are only for premium customers. With the launch of the premium course, some of the features are no longer available in the traditional course. Also, books can be overwhelming and very detailed. So, while some readers enjoy the comprehensiveness, others seem to think it’s too lengthy.

Surgent CPA Review course.

This course promises almost the impossible: to study for the CPA in a very short time with amazing results. Actually, it is almost there. We can’t say that it is 100% effective, but it is an approach where you can get all the concepts, information and tips with 50 hours less than the other CPA courses. They claim to be able to do this by using adaptive learning technology that will create a customized learning experience unique for every student based on his or her previous knowledge of the accounting materials. Liz Kolar, CPA (25 year CPA exam prep instructor) and Jack Surgent, CPA (leading CPE course provider) are the masterminds behind this course that has given a good way out for people that don’t have enough time to study for the test.  As for the disadvantages, it is just better suited for PC-based learners. So if you like live support or taking notes and keeping them in notebook, this course is not for you.

3 courses that will definitely help you pass this exam that requires a good amount of hours to study.


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